Little Free Libraries in Morton

In 2017, the Library spearheaded a project in the community to plant Little Free Libraries throughout the Village of Morton. The project began with Chloe Schonert’s Passion Project, in which she built a Little Free Library and placed it across the street from Eli’s Coffee Shop on Jefferson Street.

In June 2017, a Little Free Library built by the Morton Woodworkers Club was placed at the Morton Pool. This has proved to be quite popular with swim team members and gets lots of use during the summer. 

Jefferson School built and placed a little free library on school property. On the LFL map they state, “this little library was made possible by our PTO and the family of Mrs. Alice Van Etten, who taught second grade for 23 years. Thanks to Former Patriot Max Vhalos and his partner, Kraig Schick, who constructed our little library box and our grounds, maintenance and custodial crews who put everything together.” 

A donation was given to place one at Oakwood Park in the fall of 2017. 

A group of community neighbors built and placed one in the Hyde Park Neighborhood that was dedicated in the summer of 2018.

Bethel Lutheran School students built two as part of their Making a Difference Project. One was placed at the Memorial Plaza in 2017. The other was installed on Bethel Lutheran Ministries’ property along Queenwood Street in June 2018.

Morton Community Bank placed a Little Free Library in their Drive Up return area. 

You can check out the map of the Little Free Libraries to see where they are in town as Morton now has 9 little free libraries. https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/

There are multiple ways to be involved with the Little Free Library Project.

The first and easiest is to build a Little Free Library, register it with Littlefreelibrary.org to receive your charter number, be placed on the map and put up the little free library in your yard or another site where you have permission. Off you go sharing books with the neighborhood!


Sponsors support the Little Free Library Project by providing the funding for the Little Free Library to be built and/or providing a location. Sponsors can have their name placed on the Little Free Library and will be recognized in the Morton Library’s quarterly newsletter. 

Sponsorship costs range from $300-$750 depending on if you have a builder or purchase a pre-built Little Free Library. 


Builders have two options to support the Little Free Library Project. The first is by a building Little Free Libraries and donating them to the locations the Morton Library has already arranged. Builders would assume all the costs for materials in building the library. The second option is to build a sponsored library, with the sponsor paying the material costs. Builders can have their name placed on the Little Free Library and will be recognized in the Morton Library’s quarterly newsletter. 

If you would like to be involved in the Little Free Library project please contact the Library Director.